4 Reasons why co-working is best for you

Once upon a time, startups, freelancers, musicians, artists, photographers and the likes worked out of their homes or were the most loyal customers of coffee shops. Well, courtesy co-working in India the scenario has undergone a transformation.  Startups now prefer working together in an atmosphere where they can thrive.

Co-working is much more than the famed ‘plug in and play’ concept.  Co-working places in India are home to a community.

Here are 4 reasons why co-working is best for you


  1. Networking at co-working space:

A freelancer working form One Internet, a co-working space in Delhi, stated, “Since I have started working from One Internet I have been connected to some of the best minds in our industry. Yesterday, we were a photographer, a content person, an application developer and an ecommerce guy all sitting together. In my line of work I often need help ss freelancers. Now, all the freelancers are only a few desks away. I totally love working from this co-working office in Connaught Place.”

Startups working from home often lose on a chance to meet new people.  However, when you are working around a plethora of entrepreneurs, you gain an opportunity to collaborate.

Most of the co-working spaces in Delhi organize networking events.  For example, One Internet had hosted a networking event for Delhi Startups. This event saw around 50 startups come together and discuss their problems, solutions, future collaboration options, etc.

Nitin Bajaj, founder Sponsifyme said, “The co-working office space the sessions organized by One Internet helped us in shaping up our business model and growing our venture and off-course networking with others.”

  1. Access to shared resources

Co-working spaces offer a spectrum of resources for free.  One of the co-working offices in Delhi offers frees HR, IT, admin, and reception etc. support.  This means that you can focus on your core idea and everything else can be taken care off by the incubation center.

If you need to hire a new member, learn about new software, and manage your meeting calendar… there’s a professional team out there you can reach out to.

  1. Access to investors

Startups are always looking for funding. More often than not, they do not know the right way to approach them. At incubation centers, startups are trained at various events to master the pitch. Also, at the networking events they meet investors.

“I recently signed up for a 30 day contract with One Internet, a co-working space in Delhi, and it just took me a week to get a warm hello with investors. I got a free entry to all their events and thus ended up discussing my idea with various investors,” opined a member.

  1. Productivity Increases

Once you start working from a co-working space your productivity increases. Nitin added, “One Internet has become our second home off lately for our startup SponsifyMe.com. We have spent 36 hours continuously sometime to work on our product without worrying about timings of opening & closure as the staff is very supportive. Our productivity has risen majorly since I have joined One Internet.”

Now, the next step is to identify a co-working space for yourself. Many of the co-working spaces in Delhi offer free trials. Go ahead sign up for free trials and see what works for you.

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