Working from home has impacted your productivity? However, money constraints do not allow you to get your own office space? Then, co-working is the perfect solution for you. Next step: sign up for a co-working space.

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With the startup hike, every city is punctuated with co-working spaces. In order to zero upon the perfect space, here’s a list of seven steps that will aid you in choosing the perfect co-working space.

1. Sign up for a space that gives value for money: Co-working spaces such as One Internet in Connaught Place offers flexible plans. At One Internet plans are crafted on the basis of number of days you opt to work from there. So, you can get a comfortable office in the fourth most expensive place only for INR 8,999/- Always, sign up for a place that is well connected, safe and economical. Before giving the green light access the hidden charges.

2. Go for community instead of space: Pick up a paper and chalk out pointers that are vital for your success. Get a list of mentors, workshops, events etc associated with the co-working space. If they are in alignment with your goals then this is the place you should be working from.

3. Check out the amenities: It is utmost essential that you are comfortable at the co-working space you are working from. So, ask yourself whether you prefer working from a shared desk or individual space. Also, does a crowdy space bother you? Look out for additional perks. For example, at One Internet, a co-working space in Connaught Place, they offer free tea and coffee throughout the day. Also, the office boys there are always eager to go to the market and fetch you food and cigarettes. Look out for co-working spaces that offer kitchen, gaming room and other fun elements.

4. Accessibility: Does your work call for 24-hour access? Do you concentrate better at night or your work call for being on job on holidays also? Weigh all the options and prices before you sign up for a co-working space.

5. Location: Is your office easy to locate? Is it on the maps? Guests/customers/investors will be visiting you occasionally so get a central location. In order to zero upon the space, assess the membership fees of other co-working spaces in the same locality. This will help you determine a reasonable price.

6. Conference Room Availability: Prior to paying the token money, access the conference room. Check out its equipment’s and how many people can it accommodate. You will need this space to entertain your clients or organize a workshops/conferences.

7. Take a trial: This one is the most important tip. Ask for a free trial. Check out how productive is working from the co-working space. What is the internet speed? Can you build good connections at the place? Consider taking the trial on Monday or Friday and if it’s relatively less crowded on those days, ask for a cheap day pass.

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