What young minds are saying about co-working space?

Here’s an inside into what the young and innovative minds think about co-working space…

Sahil Bajaj, founder Phonecurry, “Co-working has worked brilliantly for us. It takes away all the headaches that come with your own office – from maintenance, to security, to admin, to managing a kitchen or pantry. I think it just makes a lot of sense, for small companies and startups. Another added benefit is that you get a larger social group to interact with, and learn from. I think the co-working concept is definitely here to stay and grow big. This is an important need being served.”

Priyanka Gupta, co-founder & COO, Motlay Innovations Pvt Ltd, “To upstart your idea you need a decent place to start with. Internet, Conference Room, Café and the most important the Office address, these are the primary requirements for any business. Co- working has been a real time solution.”

Aishwarya, manager key accounts, Trendz Advertising, “Co-working space provide innovative working environment. We can learn more about different ideas. Networking part is great in co-working.”

Kuldeep Singh, reporter, Trends Advertising, “Co-working studios are amazing places where people share ideas. I enjoy working from such a co-working place.”

Shashank Kanuparthi, master’s student in international relations, “Collaborative space that can help one gain a holistic perspective and knowledge on multiple issues. Effective to improve productivity, focus, mentorship and networking.”

Mohit Dudeja, founder, Imagintz, “This space is full of positivity and passionate people along with this you get friendly staff members as well as co-workers.”

Chandan, graphic designer at Ketchupp, “Co-working space is affordable for us. There are different kinds of companies running which is good to know what they are planning, what they think and how they work. We can build our skills more with sitting together.”

Dia Madhiani, business developer, Next 91, “The exposure of a co-working space is awesome. We get a chance to meet entrepreneurs and learn a lot. It improves knowledge and skills and we can think beyond the walls of the company.”

Divya Marwah, centre manager, IIPTA: “What I like best about co-working spaces is that one gets to connect with different people. One can do networking, collaborations and attend events.”

Smriti Sharma, community manager, One Internet: “I work with a co-working space and thus see collaborations happening every day. A couple of days back, I saw two startups Tripun Media and Legum Amicuss collaborate to create videos.”

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