Why people thrive in co-working space?

A co-working space is a community of creators. 

On the flip side, the beauty of all co-working spaces lies in de facto that it extends the same services but at a fraction of a cost.  Co-working spaces in India can be shared with like-minded, skilled and talented people.  Networking with other founders is an added advantage.


Divya Marwah, who is working out of One Internet, a co-working space in India says, “One Internet, co-working space has added four aspects in my life. The four aspects being: inspiration, pragmatism, flexibility and openness.”

A co-working space impacts a startup in various ways such as providing mentor, help develop and manage various services such as IT, HR admin, help in networking even funding etc.

Start-ups find more exposure at co-working spaces:

A co-working space is buzzing with members from different fields all working on diverse projects and ventures. Working amidst people from different backgrounds gives members more exposure. Marwah adds, “One Internet, the co-working space in Connaught Place, has given me so much exposure and this has helped me get a deeper understanding of my work. Here, it’s a norm to help each other.”

Co-working spaces are inspirational

Co-working spaces in India continuously inspire startups. At One Internet every week they hold mentoring sessions, motivational talks etc. This ensures that the spirits of members are high.

Availability of shared resources

Lots of valuable resources are available at co-working space. One Internet, a co-working space in India lends frees HR, IT, admin, and reception etc. support.  Thus ensuring your focus remains on your core idea and everything else can be taken care off by the incubation center.

Access to investors

Startups are always hungry for funding. More often than not, their efforts in getting in touch with investors fail.  At incubation center, startups are trained to approach investors and as well as polish

At incubation centers, startups are trained at various events to master the pitch. Also, at the networking events they meet investors.

“I recently signed up for a 30 day contract with One Internet, a co-working space in Delhi, and it just took me a week to get a warm hello with investors. I got a free entry to all their events and thus ended up discussing my idea with various investors,” opined a member.


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