Why should you go for Virtual Office?

When your visiting card reads residential address, there are high chances that your business image quotient has started to drop. To boast up your business image, hire a virtual office.

Here’s explaining why virtual office in India works and why it can help you save money.

Virtual office space in Delhi allows you to have an address for your professional business and have access to all requisite amenities for succeeding.  To illustrate, One Internet offers virtual office and office space in India that helps start-ups in operating their office from the fourth most expensive property in the world – CP. One Internet offers startups an affordable presence in the most prominent locality.



It’s extremely affordable to opt for virtual office instead of a physical space. This ensures you cut down on more than three quarters of the normal variable and fixed cost. Thus, ensuring you have much more capital to invest on other aspects of business. Considering today’s fast –moving business environment, virtual office ensures it clients concentrate on their core business.

Once you zero upon, the business center where you want to set up your virtual office, the business center will take care of plethora of services.  Such as One Internet provides copious services to its virtual office clients such as: professional business address, mail and package handling delivery, personal mailbox, call forwarding, courier forwarding, voicemail service, fax no, mail collection services, meeting room, personal mailbox, local telephone number and call handling, professional reception services, call forwarding, voice mail services, meeting facilities, free Wi-Fi, administrative support as needed, furnished office access, copy services etc.

The good news about using virtual office in India is that it is a lot less expensive than actual office cost and it also provides all the necessary things to run a business.

Virtual office saves you time from hiring full time employees. You also have an option of hiring remote workers. There is also need to buy office equipment for receptionist.  Another reason, virtual office works wonderfully is that even if you are working from home you still need a place to direct mails and attend to client meetings.

If you have a significant investor meeting happening than some of the virtual office in Delhi providers valuable services such as One Internet provide a private and professional fully equipped meeting room.

Another valuable add on for signing up for a virtual office is that it does not call for a huge financial commitment. It is a safe option when you are just on the initial days of your start-up.

A craft company that has recently signed up for a virtual office with One Internet, articulated, “My business calls for a prominent address and I needed one in Connaught Place. However, having a physical office here would have shot my business budget very high. A quick google search introduced me to One Internet.  They not only gave me an impressive address but also helped me in registering my company and opening a bank account.”

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