Inside the world of Co-working

The idea behind creafting a co-working space is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.  Co-working space in India is often employed by remote workers,  start-ups, artists, freelancers, musicians etc. Co-working has evolved into a alternative way to work.

With thousands of  co-working spaces present in India and more opening every week. This means:

  • Start-ups have access to high quality office at various locations suiting every pocket.
  • Co-woring spaces in Delhi offer cost effective seats based on the number of days and hours you will be working from the place.
  • Start-ups do not need to deal with repair work, utility bills or admin issues.
  • A large percentage of café’s are geting converted into alternative co-working space. For example, One Co.Cafe powered by Flyp@MTV offers co-working packages at only INR 6,000/- per month that too redemable on food and drinks at Flyp@MTV.

Co-working locations in Delhi


 Benefits of Co-working

  • Startups working from home often lose on a chance to meet new people. However, when you are working around a plethora of entrepreneurs, you gain an opportunity to collaborate.  A lot of collborations happen at co-working places.
  • At co-working spaces you decide your hours. You can work through the day or through the night depending upon your mood.
  • Working from home brings along distractions from family and friends. Co-working spaces free you from these places and thus result in better work life balance.
  • Co-working spaces offer a spectrum of free resources. One of the co-working offices in Delhi offers frees HR, IT, admin, and reception etc. support.  This means that you can focus on your core idea and everything else can be taken care off by the incubation center.
  • Startups are always looking for funding. More often than not, they do not know the right way to approach them. At incubation centers, startups are trained at various events to master the pitch. Also, at the networking events they meet investors.

Co-working Plans:

Every co-working place offers different plans.

One Internet, a co-working place in CP and NSP,  offers following plans:

4 DAY ACCESS @ INR 1999/Month

Access to Work Station
Access to Common Areas
High Speed internet
Open Sitting

10 DAY ACCESS@ INR 4999/Month

Access to Work Station

Access to Common Areas

High Speed internet

Open Sitting

 18 DAY ACCESS @INR 7999/Month
Access to Work Station

5 hrs Access to Conference Room

High Speed internet

Open Sitting

HR/ Admin /Reception/ IT Support

30 DAY ACCESS@ INR 8999/Month

Access to Work Station

8 hrs Access to Conference Room

High Speed internet

Fixed Sitting

HR/ Admin /Reception/ IT Support


24/7  INR 11,999/Month

24×7 Access to Work Station

High Speed internet

Fixed Sitting

10 hrs Access to Conference Room

Co-woriking Feedback:

Mahendra Singh Bora : I have been working in various business center since a long time in and around Delhi. When I started working form One Internet, had a different feel. This is the best place I recommend for Co-working. Great work in keeping the place so highly professional!! Cheers!!

Nitesh Kumar: Cool Place to work and make things happen! Fermedicius is working out of this place! Cheers!

Bhushan Thakur : If you want to push up your productivity then One Internet is the place for you!! One Internet is much more than a co-working space. This is the place where collaborations actually happen 🙂

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