Meet Kanisshka Tyagi, founder Legume Amicuss

Look at Kanisshka Tyagi and you see a soft spoken always smiling dazzling docile lady. You surely don’t see a lawyer. Well, what her soft demure conceals her report card shouts. She is one of the three gorgeous ladies behind Legume Amicuss.

It was a sunny day  when Kanisshka Tyagi was strolling around the by-lanes of Connaught Place when a pamphlet caught her fancy. It said, ‘Follow your dreams’.  She had it all. She had cleared her law exams with extraordinary grades and was working with one of the best law firms. Yet, there was a sense of disconnect.

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Kanisshka had always dreamt of creating something of her own. Now, after working for someone else for nine years, she knew she was prepared to swim in the uncharted territories. It was time for her to give birth to her start-up.

Reliving her past memories, Kanisshka recalls, “On the last day of Law College, I realized my true calling was setting up my own start-up. However, law is not something where immediately post college you can jump into being a founder. You need to invest time in training yourself. Law still remains very traditional; you have to be armed with a lot of experience before pitching to big players.”

Keeping this in mind, she dedicated nine years to a dual role i.e. generating leads and executing them. Generating leads for her previous organization, she gained exposure.  Meeting new people, attending conferences and addressing law colleges helped her in erecting her own network.

The birth of Legume Amicuss- Your legal friend

Sharing how Legume Amicuss was born, this focused women entrepreneur states, “I was still employed with my previous organization, when my sister (a lawyer based out of Dubai), two lawyer friends and myself decided to embark on the journey called startup. We titled our start-up with an amalgam of corporate and law. However, later we discovered that a law firm with a similar name was registered. So, began the hunt into digging out another name. A friend recommended Legume Amicuss which means your legal friend.  And we decided to go ahead with it.”

However, the irony remains this super successful lawyer never wanted to be a lawyer. Although, she hails from a family of lawyers, she appeared for entrance exam of various domains. As luck had it, she cleared Law.

Women Entrepreneur vs Male Entrepreneur

“Whether you are a women entrepreneur or male entrepreneur, the pros and cons remain almost same. In my opinion, it’s better and easier for women, in some ways and difficult for them in more ways than one. Easier in the sense, when you are pitching people are more receptive to what you are saying. On the flip side, when you are liaising with government officials, they look at you as if some alien has entered their territory,” opines the lawyer.

Talking about the significance of family support, this lawyer adds, “For my father, the ideal situation would be me practicing with him (he is an individual law practitioner), or taking up a secure job. Contrary to his opinion, I think being on my own gives me a lot of flexibility and freedom. I can do things the way I want to.  My mother is very supportive. Honestly I have never felt any pressure from my parents.”

Incidents such as recovering money for clients, snatching a great deal for clients, or negotiating a great transaction for client…keep her spirits high.

Tips for start-ups

One valuable advice this amazing person points out, is that every start-up needs to be proactive and indulge in networking.  Also, one needs to project themselves like they are the king or queen of the world.

Mentors play an integral role in your journey. “I met my three mentors in my previous organizations. They have helped me a lot in shaping Legum Amicuss. From one, I learnt knowledge is everything, if you know your work then it will reflect in your confidence.  From other, I learnt the value of perseverance.  He showed me the importance of never giving up. The third one taught me the art of selling myself.  So, find good mentors and they will play a crucial role in scaling up your start-up,” articulates the lady who is working out of One Internet a co-working place in Connaught Place.

Here’s wishing all the success to the lady!

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