Top 10 Free Online Tools for Start-Ups

One Internet provides a list of top 10 free online tools for start-ups. Dear entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, musicians use them and tell us which one you like the most.

  1. Shake Law

Shake law assists you in creating, signing and sending legally binding agreements in seconds. It helps you in drafting agreements such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Freelance/Work-for-Hire Agreements, Bill-of-Sale Agreements, Rent/Lend Agreements, Loan Agreements etc.



  1. Pablo Buffer           

Pablo Buffer assists you in becoming a better social media marketer. They help in crafting images that increase your online engagement. It is classified in three sections: Find the perfect image from their library of 50,000+ royalty-free photos, text control is available from their selection of fonts, you can use up to three different text boxes, add colour to make your words pop, and upload your assets makes your images even more personal.


  1. Stock Snap

StockSnap embraces beautiful free stock photos. They have a library of highest quality and highest resolution pictures from around the web and they also upload photos from select photographers.


  1. Square Space Logo

This platform is of great help in designing basic logos instantly. Most of the start-ups employ this during hackathons or Startup Weekends.


  1. Slack

Slack helps teams in messaging.  Files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can be dropped right into Slack and shared with your team. You can also add comments, star for later reference, and it’s all completely searchable.


  1. UpWork

Upwork has created an online workplace for the world – connecting clients with top freelance professionals across the globe. It helps you in finding remote employees.  Whether you need one writer or an entire team of programmers, they help you find the right experts


  1. Invoice to Me

Invoice to me is a free powerful invoicing platform. This platform is free, simple and secure for small businesses.


  1. Hipster Logo Generator

It helps in designing a logo in very simple steps.


  1. Freeble

It helps you in creating your own free website.  Freeble holds a stock of approximately 1,000 high quality editable designs that can be used for web or mobile.


  1. Evernote

It saves all your notes on cloud and syncs them across all your devices. It works wonderfully across teams to share notes.


One Internet, a co-working place with centers in Connaught Place and NSP helps their co-workers understand and use these tools better.


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