Growing Co-Working culture in Delhi

We humans are social animals. Work being one of the most important part of one’s life is not an exception. Co-Working is the new trend in making work more social, creative and involved. Statistics showing higher satisfaction in the work force in co-working as compared to regular office. People doing their work from co-working spaces have accepted that they feel that their work is important. Co-working is like an ocean of flowing ideas, creativity and everyone sharing each other’s problems.


Delhi being the hub of startups has seen a great boom in co-working culture. In recent years there is a whole lot of co-working spaces that have become operational in Delhi. Co-working spaces are not only cost effective for startups rather it is helps them to share among themselves and grow. Working out of co-working helps you get feedback from likeminded people. The situation in Delhi’s startup ecosystem is that the startups are able to save expenses and work more effectively and efficiently out of a shared office.

There are companies like General Motors who have moved 30 employees from their new project to one of the co-working spaces owned by WeWork. In Delhi also this culture is growing even among the bigger companies.

This sector has seen many great players rising and changing the whole way of shared working.

One Internet is the one of the most trusted co-working space in Delhi. It provides all the basic amenities like Wifi-internet, photo scanning and conference rooms, Mentoring Session, IT Support and many more.

Innov8 and 91Springboard is also known co-working space that has been working hard in promoting the shared space culture among the startups. With innovative design like stress busting and recreational zone.

Investopad being a co-working space provider is also an in house incubator for Tech-Stratup. It helps tech startups in training. They provide help and support to the tech startups.

There are other players in this sector which includes – The Founders Café, Social, Workly, Hustle and many more.

One thing is sure after seeing the rise in this industry that the whole way of working in offices is about to change, and trust me the change is better.

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