Co-Working Culture in India

We were born as social animals. Our roots are deeply integrated with each other. We love partying, going on vacations, spending time with family and many other social works. With the advancement in social media websites we are viewing a very connected world. We are socially connected with our friends, family members. For a human being, work is an essential part of his life. Work fills a large part daily thus resulting in filling large part of our lives. Every company in the world has its office where individual workers sit and perform work according to the given task. The environment of offices are dull and every company in the world has tried hard to make this interesting.


A new trend is in fashion now-a-days. Co-Working. Co- working is like the social form of working together. In co-working spaces people of different domain, different companies sit together at shared space to work. The energy and atmosphere of the place is mind blowing. According to a new data there are more employees who feel creative and energetic in the co-working space. The aura of different energies combined fill the space. The main reason for the growth of co-working was cheaply available plug and play offices. For startups every penny counts and it is very important for them to save wherever they can. Co-working spaces are like a gift to the freelancers. They can work from an office without being stressed much about the cost. Freelancers very much prefer the co-working offices as it enhances their working capabilities. Co-working provide an audience to the startups to test their work in the office itself.

There are many startups born as co-working spaces. The biggest of them is WeWork. WeWork is worth more than $16 billion and it has offices in almost every big cities of the world. Co-working has changed the whole experience of working. Employees feel more like being in a culturally active zone in the shared offices. Not only startups, bigger companies are also taking part in this trend and are shifting some of their business to the shared office.

India has also seen a rise in the number of co-working spaces. With the rise in number of startups in the country there was a new problem of accommodation of these newly tight pocketed startups. Where will they get spaces that are fully functional and is ready for being used as an office? The situation in offices are like plug and play type. You just enrol and start using the pre available facilities like the Wi-Fi, coffee, and much more. It is of a much grace for the freelancers as they can get affordable offices.

This new trend of shared office space is going to change the way all of us work in our workplaces.



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