6 Reasons Why Start –ups prefer co-working spaces

With the growing number of start—ups and so many budding talents coming up with their own business establishments, the demand for office space has gone up. Co-working spaces serve the perfect solution, when it comes to searching for an office set up, specially in case of start-ups.

Looking at the growing preference of co-working spaces over other options, we decided to jot down points on what makes these start-ups choose shared office space to create the base for their business.


Reason 1: A penny saved is a penny earned

Capital, revenue, profit, or Money in one word is the lifeline of any business. And if you own a start-up, you would definitely not want to miss any chance of saving money in your business. Co-working spaces cost as much as 60% lesser than traditional office spaces. What else could you ask for, workspace – first requirement for your start-up turns cheaper!

Reason2: Location matters!

Yes! Location does matter for a business. Co-working spaces enable you to operate your business from major business locations. Your business address contributes in building an image in the market. Also, connectivity and facilities like food joints, banks, shopping complexes and in close proximity are in bonus.

Reason3: Plug and Play set up

Furniture, fit outs, internet connection, reprograohic facilties – these might sound to be small requirements in an office but are necessary too! Co-working space like one internet, innov8 and … in Delhi provide all such facilities inclusive of the office rent paid. That means you just have to come and simply start working, without worrying at all!

Reason4: Networking

You cannot survive alone, neither can your business. Business networking is an important factor for growth. A shared office space gives you a working environment where you share office space with other professionals. This creates opportunities to connect, network, interact, learn and exchange ideas for developments in business.

Reason5: Enjoy in-house spaces

Business delegate visiting you on a short notice? No worries! No need to panic over finding a suitable place for the meeting. You have ready to use meeting room available with your co-working space. This way you are able to save money, time and energy and thus prepare well for the meeting.

Reason6: You don’t have to hire many

Co-working spaces also provide services like HR, Front Desk staff, IT support. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, house-keeping and other operational tasks. This way you save yourself from the headache of hiring appropriate staff and save money too.

One internet cares for its clients and has come up with additional services of Funding, mentorship and networking events to create an ideal incubator for the flourishing businesses. With the growing co-working culture in India, One internet is happy to serve as an ideal workplace for a number of start-ups in Delhi/NCR region.

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