4 Points To Remember while Selecting a Mentor to Start a Business

Having a mentor while starting a new business is awesome. You get guidance, mental support and someone to lean on. But you should be careful in selecting a mentor while starting a business. Many may wish good for you, but you must find the right people who can actually help you to grow your start-up.

We have jotted down some points to remember that can help you in finding the right mentor for yourself:

Find someone from your line of business

Find people who can relate to the line of business you have chosen. Every product or service differs from the other in many ways. The target audience changes with a slight change in the product to be sold. Therefore, the marketing strategies must also change accordingly. In a nut shell, the complete style of carrying the business is different with different nature and line of businesses.

Try to find experts who have experience in similar business line as yours. Their experience is your asset. Experienced ones can help you in decision making, guide you better about the possible outcomes of a decision taken and aware you about the pros and cons of an action. An experienced mentor from the same business background can understand your requirements well and will advise accordingly.

Find expert, not general advices

Know what you want to ask from your mentor. Think and rethink about your problem, collect data about it, list the results if you have hit and tried solutions and then frame specific questions to ask from your mentor.

Avoid seeking general advices, extract as much as you can from your mentor. Learn from their expertise; don’t waste time in asking general questions. Be specific. Let’s say you do not get satisfying results from advertising on Facebook, despite of spending a lot on it. Here, you should reach out to a Facebook advertising expert, who can find the root cause of your problem and guide you to fix it.

Stand out while asking for help

Experts from various fields, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders already a great fan following and a number of seekers like you who have queries to ask from them. They already must be having many e-mails and calls to attend to, you have to stand out in the crowd while approaching. Dig out your creative skills while reaching out to mentors.

You can make great use of social media platforms. Basic tips are to follow the experts’ blogs, retweet their article, don’t forget to tag them, comment on their articles. Engage with them on social media. Show that you really value their work and that is why you value their advice too.

Last but not the least…

Don’t take them for granted! It would be immature to expect your mentor to be available for you every time. They are busy personalities; probably that is why you have chosen them as mentors.  It is a bonus if you are able to persuade them to give you as much time as you want, but don’t overdo it. Know what to ask exactly and try to keep the questionnaire crisp and to the point.

Mentors should act like a catalyst does in a chemical reaction, i.e., it fastens the reaction. Your mentor should help you to grow professionally and your start-up to flourish.

One Internet offers mentorship to its member start-ups. We aim to help the participants in crafting prompt business strategy through such programs. One Internet also provides cost-efficient alternatives to take you closer to your goals.

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