A shared workspace can save a hell lot of money for your business!

Shared or co-working office space offers a great solution to save money in business, specially in case of starters and small business owners. A dedicated workspace is the first requirement before you start working. No matter how big or small your business is, or a solo entrepreneur or even if you are a freelancer, you do need a workstation, where you make an ideal set up to be able to work efficiently.


Comparing conventional office space, home office and shared workspace

  • Taking up a conventional office space involves a number of formalities like selecting the place, issues related to leasing the space, making it fit to use and work at and then taking care of utility bills.
  • A home office seems to be a better option because you don’t have to look after the leasing process. But handling a home office is not a child’s play either. You have to have a dedicated space in your home for work, because working in a scattered manner is not very fruitful at the end. You also have to manage other requirements like internet, telephone connection, power supply and maintenance.
  • A shared workspace on the other hand solves all the above stated issues. The location is already suitable for business. You have a dedicated workstation – well managed and well maintained. All utilities are taken care of by the service provider, in addition you get admin and IT support. You don’t have to worry about the separate bills either.

Shared work space is ideal for you if…

  • You have limited capital and don’t want to spend much on fixed office space
  • Need a dedicated workspace and an ideal work environment and want to concentrate on working solely
  • Would like to try plug and play set up, without having to worry about arrangement like internet and electricity
  • You travel a lot due to business purposes and need a workstation only at times.

Many business owners opt for shared work space office space these days. The idea of using co-working offices is spreading fast in Delhi and other major cities of India. Co-working office spaces like One Internet provide ideal environment and prompt services , so that the clients can carry their respective businesses with zero worries. Such reasons make co-working office spaces the best option. You save money, time and energy!

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