5 Tips if you want to quit job and start your own business

Are you frustrated with your job? Are you planning to start your own business? If answers to both the questions were yes, this article is just for you! Leaving a stable job and carrying your own business, both are huge decisions to make. They can and will definitely change your life in many ways.


So, the unsaid rule is to decide thoughtfully and then be firm with your decision. Once you have made your mind to switch from a regular job to your own venture, pull up your socks for the roller coaster like ride ahead. Don’t worry; it has sweet fruits at the end. Ups and downs are inevitable but they should not knock you down in any way. Instead, you should learn from your mistakes.

In case you are still nervous about leaving your job and heading towards starting a new business, here are some expert tips to help you and feel confident:

Don’t wait for the right time

The right time will never come walking up to you. Now is the right time and you must make the most of it. If you have a business idea, research about it to know how much feasible it is. Make an action plan accordingly and start acting!

Get. Set. Start!

Once you make your business plan, the next and important step is to start working. Start with your friend circle, make use of your network, build new network and sell your products to them. This will also give you first hand and honest review about your work, which will further contribute in improvement.

Collect patience

You will not get instant results! That is simply impossible. Leaving a stable job and coming over to work for yourself brings drastic change. There are some lessons you will learn from ditching your 9-5 work. Accept that you have to wait for things to happen your way . Keep working, work harder and results will appear, eventually. Give yourself and your business idea to grow and improve as you gain experiences. The initial phase of any venture is always difficult. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Be unique

It might sound clichéd, but it is important. You have come up with ideas that people have not seen till now. Brainstorm and find out new ways to market your product. Know your strengths and utilise them to the fullest. Know your weaknesses and work to eliminate them. You have to know yourself and your business to make appropriate business strategies.

Keep working towards your goal

Gradually, once your business starts gaining pace, you might achieve small successes or failures. You should just not give up in any of the cases. You cannot afford to stop, keep researching and figure out new ways to conduct your business.

Starting a new business is like a having a new born baby. It needs nurturing and patience, it grows with time. If you are on your way to start your business, One Internet wishes you best of luck and welcomes you to have a co-working space with us to pour the foundation of your business. We have a number of start up firms using our co-working spaces in Delhi and nearby business locations, thus creating a perfect work environment for you.

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