3 Enemies of Focus at Your Workplace

The environment you work in is an important factor in your office lifestyle. It should be comfortable, encouraging and binding at the same time. It should allow you to focus on what you are doing so that you don’t end up wasting your.
You spend at least eight hours in a day at your work place, which sounds enough to dedicate in a job. But the important question arises is how much time from these hours are you able to actually work. By actually working we mean focusing completely and only on your work to produce best results.
In order to make maximum use of your working hours, you must eliminate all those elements which disturb your focus. We have listed three prime enemies of focus that are common in workplaces, also a few suggestions to deal with them.

Random distractions

Co-worker sitting next to you talks too loudly on phone or may be talks too much, opening of the door makes noise and you get interrupted, the landline phone keeps ringing – sounds like your own story? It is everyone’s story. The environment around you is uncontrollable at times. But, environment is not the problem always. According to a study, 44 percent of the times, the problem lies within us. For example, workers check their e-mails for an average of 30 times in a day, isn’t it too much!
Once you get distracted, you require at least 20-25 minutes to get back to the mind set to start working again. At the end of the day, your productivity is adversely affected.

The basic tip to handle this kind of situation is to adjust your environment to your suitability. Find a quiet corner to work in, close the door of your cabin, use headphones to prevent noise. Check your habits like looking at the e-mails too many times. Fix time to complete one task and abide by that time. Utilise your working hours fully, don’t depend on overtimes.

Multitasking does not work

First wasting time, or forced to waste time due to distractions, feeling guilty and then trying to complete all the work at a time. Sound like your story too? Multi tasking does not happen at all. Think about it- your brain is able to think about only one thing at a time. So if you try to do more than that, you exhaust your brain, this ultimately consumes even more time.

There is no point in multi tasking at all. Instead, devote your mind into single work at a time, so that you gain results at one go.

Do not act without planning

It is useless to keep hitting the hammer. Knowing where to hit makes all the difference. Think, analyse and then strategise your action plan. Working without a plan is like to work aimlessly which makes no sense. Prioritise your list of works to be done in a day. Decide how much time you require for one work and then stick to it.

Adjustment is the key, try to mould your environment according to your need and also mould yourself a littlle to adjust into the environment at your workplace.
Taking about workplace environment brings us to highlight the working environment we have at One Internet. Being an incubator for start-ups, we have quintessential ecosystem of resources to form a supportive community. The one internet team works to provide an ideal workplace to all the clients. In addition there are admin/ IT/HR support and reception services, so that you can focus solely on your work.

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