3 Important Tips on looking for an office space

Finding a workplace that suits all your requirements is a huge task. Specially, if you want to start your business or take up a new workspace in a prime business location, it becomes quite challenging.

One internet along with providing ideal co-working spaces in Delhi and nearby major business hubs, presents some tips here for you while searching for an appropriate workplace for your business. These tips will help you to decide the suitability of a workplace. Have a look and prepare to take a better decision.


How much exactly do you need?

You don’t want to pay for a space that you don’t use or require. Neither it is pleasant to have to work in a congested workspace. To avoid these kinds of situations, you must have an estimation of your requirement. Know how much space you actually need. While estimating, keep in mind your present employee count and future possibilities of expanding or cutting down your employee strength. Look for more than one option of working space, compare, analyse and then decide the best option for you.

What other spaces do you need?

While carrying a business and working in an office space, workstation is not the only requirement. You and your employees also need other spaces like reception for your guests, break out are and recreational area. You might require meeting room on regular basis. Names like One internet, Innov8 and 91springboard have gained popularity as they provide ideal co-working space in Delhi/NCR, the major business locations. These service providers take care of all such factors needed in your workplace, that is why start-ups prefer co-working spaces for their businesses.


Take measurements

We suggest to talk in numbers. By that we mean, try to take exact measurement of your space related requirements. For example, the number of workstations, space per workstation, space for reprographic equipment, storage spaces and many more such necessary spaces. Find out the measurements of all the areas required for these in unit like “square feet”. This will further help you in dealing with the real estate agent or workspace provider. You can ask for the prices accordingly.

Try to make your search fruitful. There is no point in investing in one office space without planning. You will have to shift to another place as your business progresses with time. Above mentioned points make your search more refined and save your efforts, time and money while taking up a new office space.

Co-working spaces serve as a perfect option as they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of physical space, expanding or cutting down the number of workstations, facilities like reception, meeting room and break out area. One internet provides co-working spaces to a happy clientele in Delhi and such commercial locations. In addition, one internet also offers services of virtual offices, admin/ HR/ IT support, and facilities like networking events, mentorship and funding.  One internet is an incubator and creates a supportive community for start-ups and businesses, providing them the perfect work environment and ideal workplace, so that they can turn their dreams into realities.

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