Check for these technologies in your new working space

Are you planning to go for a new office set up for your business? If yes, notice that there are some technologies that you cannot work without. Hence, you must check them all before settling for a new office set up.

We live in a technology based era. Technology has improved the way we live and work. Here is a list of technical essentials you must take care of in an office.


Internet connectivity

Can you even imagine working without internet? Of course not! It is in fact the first basic requirement for any work to start. A good internet network ensures the efficiency of the workers in your office.  Find out a service provider that suits all your business needs. It is a good idea to tally with the other organisations working in the same area so that you know which providers offer best services and resolve issues effectively.

Space management

Your work depends a lot on your office set up and your office depends a lot on the building infrastructure. Consult an IT service provider to plan various spaces in your office setup. Ensure connectivity to all the workstations and enough space for the hardware.


Modern day businesses do need phone systems to run. There are more than one advanced options available which offer many features. To name a few, you can opt for VoIP or cloud-based phones. These are designed specially for business purposes. Standard phones do not have such advanced features and flexibility to such a great extent.

Hardware and Software

The market is full of options when it comes to Hardware and Software. Select according to your business needs. Suitability of software and hardware depends on nature of work of an employee. For example, the requirements of a graphic designer and a SEO manager would be different. Look after such and all other factors to decide the most appropriate hardware and software based on your business.

Organizing the movement, equipment, and accommodation

All the above mentioned technology set ups are important but managing and co-ordinating between all of them is a huge task itself while shifting to a new working space. You need to co-ordinate among the various vendors like cab-company, telephone services provider and many more. Assign each of these management tasks to individuals so that no detailing is missed.
Shifting to a new office set up requires a lot of planning. Take professional help while making technological strategies. Be aware of the current trends and find out what suits you the best.
If you are looking for a new office space, One Internet is the answer. OneInternet is a start up Co-working space provider in New Delhi. We have 3600 sq. ft. of working space in prime business locations of the capital city, along with an suitable infrastructure, appropriate technological advancements, and a supportive entrepreneurial community. We provide an ecosystem where freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals come to work and accelerate their start ups. In addition, we provide IT support and our admin team takes care of all your requirements while shifting to a new working space.


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