Ask these 5 questions before taking up a Co-Working Office Space

Co-working spaces are a great option to work in, specially if you have a small business or run a start-up. They offer a lot of benefits as compared to a traditional office space. There are a number of co-working space providers in New Delhi and other major business locations, you must select the best one according to your business needs.


Co-working spaces are trending. Small scale businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and start-ups today prefer co-working spaces over conventional workspaces. Present day co-working spaces provide a 360 degree solution to your office space needs and are a way cheaper than other options. Here is a list of five questions to ask before you pick your new co-working space.

What best can you offer?

First, make a list of what all you need in your office set up, so that you can communicate it to the co-working space provider. Make an appropriate budget and state it in a straight forwarded way.  Co-working spaces have a number of packages that may include different sets of services and you have to pay accordingly. So a clear conversation about your requirements and budget can bring a suitable solution. You can mention if there is anything you need in particular.


Are there any hidden costs?

As the co-working culture is growing, transparency, hence trust level from both sides, i.e, the client and the service provider, has gone up. Though, there is no harm in reassuring more sure! Read your agreements carefully before signing. Be sure about what exactly are you going to pay for and what all are included in the monthly rental.


Make the terms and conditions crystal clear

There are many little details involved in a business transaction. Ask what kind of services you will get within your package, what things you can avail at discounted rates and what facilities within the co-working space you will be sharing with the other occupants. It is a good practice to make such terms clear before entering into the real deal; it avoids confusions at the later stage.


What other services do you provide?

A co-working space may provide some additional services and facilities. There might be meeting rooms, break out areas, reception services and many more services. If not now, you never know you might require some of these facilities in future. You should know what all services they provide and how you can avail them.

For instance, One Internet is a supportive co-working space where the co-workers create a healthy work environment. Other services include virtual office, funding, mentorship and networking events. So you have an array of services to choose from and make your ideal package.

How is the area around?

One of the main reasons of growing preference of co-working spaces is their location. You will surely get all the benefits of a prime business location. But, collecting information about the area and facilities that are available there is not a bad idea. Know about the transportation links, banks, hospitals in present in the near by areas.

You can also go ahead and have a quick discussion with the other occupants of the co-working space to know more about the service provider and the area around. This will give you a more realistic picture and help you to decide better.



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