7 Things to Do Before Taking Up a Co-Working Space

More and more businesses are opting for co-working spaces at present. They are more economical and convenient for new businesses. There are a large number of co-working space providers in Delhi and other major business friendly cities. All options may seem to be the same on a broad level, but each might be different from the other in some way. It is better to check everything from your end.

Our last blog talked about 5 questions you ask from the service provider before finally taking up a co-working space. After asking all important questions and getting satisfactory answers, it is time for some action and become practical. One Internet brings you a list of 9 things to do before taking up a co-working space. Have a look.


Check the history

Try to collect more and more real reviews about the co-working space you have chosen. Interact with the companies that are already working there. Their comments on the quality of the services will give you a real picture and you will know better about your future workspace.

Check the administration

There would be many companies working together, all with different natures of business. There needs to be a great level of co-ordination and prompt solutions for the maintenance of the co-working space. Spend a day at the co-working space to see things happening. Notice how the administration team works and check their efficiency.

Do a cleanliness check

See for the rest rooms, pantry, and other such spaces, and check the cleanliness over there. These places tend to be used by many, so hygiene and cleanliness should be a priority. Any way, you would never want to pay for an unclean place.

Taste the food

In case, the co-working space has in-house food services, how about tasting it once? You will know their level of commitment towards the clients. The food should be again, hygienic and well kept. If there are packed food items, check for the expiry dates and storage spaces.

Check for the parking facilities

Parking is always a problem at office hubs, though a proper management could help. Check the traffic situations and parking spaces available around the co-working office space, so that you, your employees, your clients and other visitors don’t face a problem later.

 Check the electronics

Of course you will ensure that internet connectivity and other technical facilities available at the co-working space. But it is also a good idea to check facilities within the building. For example, the elevators. You can derive an idea about how they work during the peak office hours. 

Phone connectivity

Make calls from all the spaces within the co-working office set up. You don’t want to work in an island with no phone connectivity. In fact, you need to be reachable all the time for the growth of your business.

You don’t only work at your workplace, you spend a good chunk of hours in a day at your office. Therefore you need to be very selective and cautious while settling down for a co-working space.

If you are searching for your ideal workplace, One Internet could be the solution for you. Here, you will get an inspiring environment crafted for you to plug and play. One Internet is vibrating with innovative tales of co-workers, sharing of  thoughts, exchanging beliefs and at times collaborating to create whole new success stories.

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