5 Easy ways to make your Workplace more Eco-Friendly

More and more companies these days are working towards building an eco-friendly environment at their workspace. Studies have shown that an eco-friendly office space is not only beneficial for the environment but it also has positive effects on the health of the workers there.

One internet brings you some easy ways to make your workspace more eco-friendly. These tips will also help you to save money and enjoy other benefits in the long run.

Use light colours on walls

Lighter shades reflect more light. If the walls at your workspace are of light colours, it will help you to maximise the use of natural light in the whole space. Natural light is good for eyes and mental health as it makes the place livelier. It also cuts down the use of artificial lights, hence saving money and electricity. Dark colours absorb most of the light that falls on them and make the space look smaller and dingy.

On the other hand, lighter colours make the place look more spacious. Pastel shades and colours close to white, for e.g. off white are good options for the interior of an office space.

Encourage recycling

The happy fact about recycling is that everybody knows the benefits of recycling. But, the sad fact about it is that nobody actually does any recycling. Find out and spread awareness about the ways of recycling in your office. Recycling is a major step towards preserving the environment and also helps in reducing cost in the long run.

The first step to make recycling easier and effective is to segregate the waste into certain categories. Keep separate bins for different types of waste, like one for disposing used batteries, electronic equipment, ink cartridges and one for biodegradable waste like food scraps, cardboard, used coffee beans. Place paper recycling boxes in appropriate spaces like the meeting rooms and private offices.

Switch off electronics

It is as simple as it sounds. You just have to switch off the electronic appliances when not in use. It sounds easy but becomes hard to implement because people generally don’t remember to turn the electrical equipment after use. It needs to be incorporated and adapted as a habit. You can put posters and banners as gentle reminders to turn the electronics off. This will cut down the electricity usage which will in turn save the environment and your money.

Use reusable bottles and cups

Encourage your workers to bring their own reusable bottles and cups. Use-and-throw cups lead to a great amount of wastage. Reusable cups and bottles in a workplace will lead to saving paper and hence benefitting the environment. Refilling the bottles will also make the employees to get up from their seats and have little walks.

Use Green Cleaning Products

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that activities at your workplace do not affect the environment. Using Green or environment friendly cleaning products help to create a workplace environment that is healthier for the workers, staff, and visitors. Use products that contain lesser toxins and irritants that negatively affect the eyes, skin, and the air that we breathe. There are many more easy and simple ways to create a better and more sustainable workplace environment. Above are just a few of the various options. Implementing even one of these can make a change. These ways are affordable and have a number of benefits. They help you in cost cutting too.

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