What Leadership is actually like

The term leadership may sound fancy. It creates an image where you can boss around, handle a bunch of people who work under you, give orders and have the power to take decisions on your own. It sounds like awesome to be a leader.

But in reality, leadership is much more than all this. It is the most challenging job indeed. Yes, you can boss around, but at the same time you are answerable to all people who work under you.  You can give orders, but you should know when and whom to give the correct orders. You are in power but also bear the responsibility to take worthy decisions. Being a leader involves fulfilling duties, playing major roles and taking ownership of not only your work but also of your subordinates.


An able leader is one who does not back off from taking charge when required, one who is well aware of responsibilities of a leader and respects the power that is given to a leader.

Good communication skills are a must for a leader to do his job effectively. Prompt communication is important so that one is able to convey his/her ideas well and also build equally good communication bridges among the team members

A leader must be able to strike the perfect balance. He/she should communicate well and a good listener at the same time. One should take criticism positively and be able to point out the mistakes at the right time too. A good leader is controlling and dominating, but also welcomes suggestions and is a team player.

One of the definite things that a leader has to come across is failure. Failure is inevitabl,e and important too. It teaches you the real meaning of success and makes you learn more.

Failure should not stop you from trying new things and experimenting. As Steve Jobs said, ‘I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.’ So never give up!

Successful leaders are never scared of taking risks and risks carry equal chances of both accomplishment and failure. Wise people see failure as a lesson and an opportunity to learn more. The experience they gain from every risk and failure gives them a new formula to achieve success. They discover a new way to combat the possible challenges in future.

Carrying an impactful leadership is a big challenge. It demands utmost dedication, strong willpower, and high confidence. Never stop learning, exploring and experimenting. Analyse the situation, try something new, make mistakes – there is nothing wrong in making mistakes. Learn to accept your mistakes and find out ways to rectify them and prevent them next time. This will help you to improve and grow as you move ahead.

Embrace the failures you encounter. Failures are the greatest teacher. Each failure should make you only stronger for the next one. Till you don’t so something new and different, you will not achieve new heights of success. Each failure is an opportunity to learn, discover and innovate, so don’t be afraid of them.

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