Why business owners head towards the Open Office format

Open office format is the new trend in office designs. But if we travel a little back in time, the concept of open offices was common in the 1990s too. The trend is being revived now. Employers find it useful for the growth of the business. The prime reason of such preference is obviously the low cost involved in setting up an open office space rather than the cubicle format. The open office space is becoming a popular choice, not only because of the cost factor but also because it has some benefits for the employees working in the office. Read the following points to know how.


It fosters a healthy work culture

New researches say that open work culture leads to community building and improves creativity. An open office environment helps bring teams together, breaking the ice between them and encourages them to co-ordinate and perform better due to collective team work. This creates a collaborative work environment that a start up needs in order to grow as a business. Once the spirit of working in a team is imbibed by the employees, they develop a sense of responsibility and accountability towards their work and also towards each other. They start taking ownership of their job which automatically increases the productivity in each individual working in the office.

Cost is of course an important factor

An open office floor plan cost visibly less than traditional office space designs in terms of the physical space. Apart from the initial cost, in the long run too, open offices prove to be cheaper also when it comes to heating, cooling, and cleaning the office. Restrictions of permanent walls and doors are eliminated. As there is less wastage of physical space, more employees can fit in, giving the business owners a better value for their money on their office set up.

It is easier to cut down or add to the strength or the number of employees working when you have an open office format. On the other hand, a conventional office layout with cubicles has a fixed number of people that can fit in a room. Start ups are prone to downsize and upsize their office strength and that is why the open office design perfectly matches their dynamic needs.

It develops the office culture

The office culture that exists among the employees, somewhere or the other depends on the office space design. The attitude, expectations and satisfaction levels of the employees depend on what they receive from the office environment and in turn affect the organisational environment.

An open office design removes the shackles of hierarchies and lead to a collaborative culture as it gives room for impromptu brainstorm sessions and comfortable group conversations as and when required.  It develops collaboration and a culture of openness plus transparency among the co-workers. Think about it, the thought of closed cubicles itself draws an image of restrictions.

 Communication becomes easier

Another big benefit of an open layout office space is easy communication. Employees have the flexibility to discuss ideas, carry brainstormimg sessions, ask for help from each other, and thus are able to establish better relations with their co workers.

The look and feel factor

The environment around you, in which you spend such long hours of the day, has a lot of impact on the way you work. Employees feel happier while working in funky working areas which an open  office space design offers. Their comfort level is directly proportional to productivity. Employees take it as stress busters, so that they can have breaks from their work without leaving their seat.

Lastly, open-plan offices definitely give a more efficient and “busy” look and feel.It helps the startups to project an image of efficiency, intensely dedicated work hours, and 24/7 diligence. An open-plan office just creates the right kind of environment required by a start up. One Internet and other co working spaces are coming up as really successful ventures, because start ups and new businesses find them to be suitable options according to their office space needs. The co working spaces are economical, have ready to use arrangements, therefore reducing the head ache involved in setting up a new office.



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