Funny take on how armature entrepreneurs see networking events

An entrepreneur’s life is not a bed of roses. Right from the moment you decide to turn your business idea into reality till you actually commence your business, every moment your mind is occupied by thoughts of the venture. Even after your business is established, you cannot relax and sit back, in fact you have to work even harder to make your start up stand out.

An armature entrepreneur leaves no stone unturned to make his/ her business idea work. One of the most important things an entrepreneur must do is NETWORKING. Building up a strong network helps an entrepreneur grow in the true sense of the word. It helps you learn more about the market and your contacts help you in the long run.

Networking events bring a great way to build up networks and maintain them. They provide a platform where you can share ideas and thoughts, interact with people from the business world and learn from them, know about their experiences and most importantly, add them in you contact list.

Networking events constitute a major part of an entrepreneur’s life. Here is a funny take on how they actually see these events. Every entrepreneur, who has already been through the initial phase, has started a business or is still working on it will relate to the points.

Waiting for free invites to Start Up Events, desperately!

You wait for an invite to networking event just the way Tom waits for Jerry to come out of its mouse hole. That is when you understand how it is to be at the highest level of desperation.

Your happiness knows no bound when you get an invite

A call from an old friend might not make you as happy as when you receive an invite to a start up event or networking opportunity. You feel a new wave of energy.

You don’t mind looking the same every time

You look same at every such event because wear the exact same thing. The open secret is that you have only set of formals and that is okay. You thank the fact that all formal get up actually look alike at the end.

Cannot forget the visiting cards

One thing you cannot forget to carry to these events is your deck of visiting cards. You exchange them as often as you exchange wishes with everyone you meet. Not only you love “distributing” your cards, but also “collecting” them from the others. They become your most priced possessions.

You become a questionnaire

Asking questions becomes the easiest way to grab attention and show interest. At times, you ask even if you don’t really have a question.

Socialising is just an excuse

Admit it! Socialising is of course why you go to start up events, but the drinks are no less a reason. Who doesn’t love drinks for free!

You hop on every chance to prove yourself

You almost over participate. Enthusiasm to be a part of every conversation reaches next level.

Not to forget Dinner Time!

If you have admitted the drinks part, you have to nod at this one too. Diner time is the best time at networking events for start ups. Who doesn’t love great food at a lavish place, after the free drinks!

At the time to say good bye …

If you are an amateur entrepreneur, you are definitely on a mission to save money, in every possible way. Car pooling seems to be a great idea! That is when you show your friendly skills and initiate to pool car.

Networking events are an important part of entrepreneurial life. One Internet brought you a humorous take on how start up owners relate to them, because there is a funny side to everything. It is an attempt to bring smiles and help the entrepreneurs to lighten their moods. One of other things One Internet does, to support entrepreneur is conducting networking events so that they can meet mentors, funders and fellow start-ups. The events aim to be beyond networking. They are about sharing stories, learning new things, challenging ideas and getting funded.



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