Sometimes, to unlearn is the solution

Your learning is your most priced possession. Whatever you have learned from your education and practical experiences, all that helps you grow and perform better in your business. But, at times, when the situation becomes complex and you dare not able to find a way out of it, unlearning might provide you the solution.

Unlearning means to forget all what you have learnt, give up all logics and just give it a try. It might look impossible at the beginning, but who knows it might simply work. Any innovation was not possible before it actually happened. Be it the earliest innovation of the wheel or the latest one called iPhone. Nobody must have thought of possibility of both the things before the respective inventions.

All you need is a solution

All you need is a solution, no matter how, by knowledge or by naive trial. Knowing a lot is a very good thing indeed. But, there are times when your knowledge stops you from thinking of new ways to tackle the situation.  Don’t linger upon what all you have learnt. Instead, try your hands at innovation. To be able to innovate, you need to come out of perceptions and build new perspective. Forget about possibilities and impossibilities. Just try.

Talk to someone who knows nothing

Talk to someone who knows nothing about your field of work or understand only a little. Trying to explain them about your business structure would help you to know your venture better. Their simple questions like “why do you think people would buy this?” will force you to find the real answers.

Dig into the clutter

What do you do when your room and study table becomes a mess and you are not able to find one particular book there? You call your mom, because you know she is the only one who can do this tough job. What does she do? She arranges your room, clears the clutter on your table, looks through everything in and out and finally finds your book. The only difference between what you and your mom did to search the book was that you had made your mind that the clutter did not contain the book, which she had not. She simply cleared the clutter (with a cool mind and no pre decided conclusion).

This example explains it the best what you should do when the clutter of knowledge and logic obstructs your way of finding a solution.

Don’t get trapped in the web of possibility and impossibility. Become a child, who does not fear to try anything because it does not know anything about impossibility. A child is always curious and wants to try new things. It has no boundation of knowledge or logic. When you are not able to solve an issue using the knowledge you have gained, try twisting your way a little, unlearn and try to take a step. Impossibility might turn into possibility and your trial might become an innovation.

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