5 Qualities that make a great boss (Part 1)

Being a boss feels great. It gives you the power to make decisions. But, with power comes great responsibilities. The aim is to make the right decisions at the right time. The responsibility is to be not just a boss but a great one. A great boss is one who collectively works with the team to achieve goals together.


Good bosses know how to keep their employees happy. Happy employees mean satisfactory performances, thus leading to success of the company. Studies have shown that the most common reason for people to switch their jobs is bad boss. Whether or not you are a good boss can be clear with the way your employees feel at work. Here are a few tips that will help you to check the same.

Great Bosses bring better changes in employees

They are able to see the hidden potential in the employees. They figure it out well that which employee is suitable to do a particular kind of task. They dig out the best talent of each team member. Not only they find out the best quality of an employee but also work to improve it and use it to the fullest. This in turn helps the employee to develop the skill and perform better at job.

Great Bosses Share what they know

Knowledge increases when is shared. A great boss is one who keeps learning from daily experiences at work and passes on the knowledge gained to the subordinates, so that same mistake is not repeated. The shared information empowers the employees and also boosts their confidence. As a result it becomes a healthy work environment in office and improves the overall performance.

Great Bosses think well before hiring

Great bosses are always concerned about the entire team and not just a specific segment of it. They realise the fact that their current employees will have to work with the new hire every single day, so they look for someone who compliments the team holistically, and makes sure that team members are compatible at work. The team should be able to co ordinate to accomplish tasks.

Great Bosses recognise and celebrate wins

The “Why should I praise you for doing your job?” attitude is a big no. Great bosses look for opportunities to praise their employees, both privately and publicly, as the situation demands. They also celebrate milestones, so that the quality performers experience the feel good factor and develop a sense of belongingness towards their work. It is important to understand that getting a paycheck doesn’t alone fulfil the need to feel valued and appreciated.

Great Bosses respect employees’ time too

Great bosses don’t show as if their time is more valuable than that of employees. They avoid to keep you waiting for scheduled meetings. Instead, they turn up prepared and straight away get to the point, without wasting time. They equally value employees’ time. They don’t believe in making it necessary for the employees to stay late to catch up with pending work.

“A good boss is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.” – H. S. M. Burns.


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