5 Qualities That Make A Great Boss (Part 2)

A great boss is one who always thinks about the team as a whole and yet helps each individual to progress. After discussing how great bosses are concerned about their employees and their overall development, One internet brings you some more points to describe qualities that make a great boss.

Great Bosses feel the employees

Great bosses see their employees as more than just a mode of getting work done. They’re humble enough to get inside their employees’ skins and try their best to look at things from their perspective. That doesn’t mean they’re unduly kind but they at least do not consider employees as machines. Getting work done is one thing but get it done the right way is another, an great bosses understand the difference.

Great Bosses take accountability

Bad bosses are quick to figure it out when something goes wrong. Great bosses realise the fact that it comes as a part of their job is be accountable for the output from their team members. They know that managerial role includes these responsibilities too.

They accept it publicly that the boss is also a part of the team, hence is accountable for the performance. In fact, they take team’s failure as a failure of leadership on their part, and take no time to make required corrections.

Great Bosses know how to be thankful

Great bosses understand that work is a transactional relationship, more like give and take relationship. Employees put in efforts and expect moral boost and personal growth in return. Great bosses realise that the employees invest a huge part of themselves into the job. They show gratefulness towards the team for this.

Great Bosses know that after-work life exist

Great bosses, on the other hand, never forget that work is just a part of life. They value the importance of family, friends, hobbies, and other interests and obligations outside of work. They don’t expect or force their employees to work for late hours without good resons. In case it becomes necessary to stretch working hours, they acknowledge that they’re asking for a sacrifice and don’t hesitate to express their gratitude.

Great Bosses establishes good communication

Great bosses clearly say what they mean and really mean what they say, so that people don’t have to read between the lines or keep trying to guess their real meaning. Good communication skills are a must for anyone who is going to manage a team. The flow of communication should be so smooth that neither the employees should hesitate coming to the boss to discuss issues, nor the boss should feel uncomfortable to share honest feedbacks.

Another noticeable quality of great bosses is that they recognise and polish the very best out of their people. They inspire them to do even better, coach them to set and reach goals, and carve out people’s strengths. When they feel that their employees are ready for new challenges, they gladly send them ahead on their ways.

The true success of a great boss lies in the way the employees think about their boss. If you have a team to manage, develop a mutual relation of trust and genuine care between you and your team member and also among them.

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