Some productivity tips by successful people

Maintaining productivity is a challenge, for all. No matter who you are, what work you do, where you work. Even successful people face problems when it comes to productivity check at work. The only differentiating quality that makes them overcome low productivity is the way they tackle it. Here is a list of some common tips from successful people:

Work It Out

A scientific study concluded that people who take out from their regular schedule for work out or any other form of physical exercise, tend to be more productive as compared to them who do not. Exercises or work out stimulate the energy reservoirs in your body. On an average you need to take out 2.5 hours in a week and dedicate that time to physical work out. The added benefit of exercising is you lose weight and remain fit.

Big No To Distractions

Even an interruption of as short as 2.8 seconds could double the chances of making errors while working. Interruptions can also become the cause of lack of quality in work or you might end up taking longer time to finish the task. Put a limit to the distractions in order to gather your attention. Some of the easy sounding but difficult to follow tips are to keep your mobile phone on silent mode, don’t use social media and block email alerts during your work hours. You have to have self control.

Do Not Multi-Task

Multitasking sounds good. It is good indeed and required too, but only at some levels. It has some negative effects on productivity. People who try to handle email conversations, text messages, and other tasks simultaneously are seen to be unable to pay full attention. It also becomes hard to recall all the essential information you receive if you try to finish more than one task at a time.


Meditation has visible positive effects on the level of concentration. It improves memory too. Those who meditate can remember more work details. The other benefit is you have lesser negative moods. Meditation helps to relax our brain and frees us from emotions that hamper the decision making process. It makes it easy to control our attention over the important things while working.

A Tight Night Sleep

Statistics say 27% highly successful people have a sleep for 7-8 hours, while another 27% do manage at least 6-7 hours of sleep. A good sleep is vital to maintain mental and physical health, which in turn enhances your prosperity and success. Insufficient sleep leads to a high risk of lower productivity, chances of errors go up and efficiency graph falls down. Those who do not get enough sleep, their brain and thought process tends to stop performing at peak hours.

Give Yourself Deadlines

You deliver better task performance when you set strict deadlines for yourself. Recognise your self- control problems and set realistic deadlines which you must follow. These deadlines help to avoid procrastination and are more effective as compared to deadlines from external sources.

 Take Breaks

The human brain is wired to pay only a limited amount of attention for a single task. The feeling of brain-freeze after long work hours are an indication that you should take a break. Science explains, since the glucose in the brain is consumed while working, it needs to rest by taking a break. Have small chats, grab a quick lunch or meditate for a short while. This will recharge your brain and you will be able to work with greater efficiency.

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