These tips will help you to make your workplace conversations better

Office conversations give you a good opportunity to make the best impression on your colleagues and other co workers if you are in a co-working place. Delivering your best side is in fact more important than the actual job we do or performance at work.

Accept the fact that workplace is not a meritocracy. You cannot win it all at your office, only on the basis of your work skills. There is much more than that, which you must do in order to grab attention in office and build an image for yourself.


Here are some important tips that can help you achieve your goals at the office :

Appreciate others

It is obvious that people are in the office to do a job and ultimately get paid for it. According to a professional study made in 2013, 83% of respondents mentioned that the feeling of recognition and validation was actually more important as compared to the financial payoff.

This tip might sound surprising, but this makes the competition at workplace much easier to handle. You simply need to talk and express. Do validate, acknowledge, recognise, and give credit to others more often. It is even better if you do it in public and in presence of other people. Don’t miss on the regular things as well as the things that we take for granted might be the ones what people are seeking validation on.

Recognition at workplace is among the top three ways to establish employee engagement. It acts as a foundation step of building an emotional connect with people by showing appreciation.

Be a good listener

It often becomes a habit, especially in a shared workplace, we go into conversations related to work that needs to be done and then simply get away from it. The success of our conversation gets limited only what we need to convey.

But this approach completely lacks listening. Listening to your co-workers with genuine intent and purpose in a shared workplace is important.

Effective listening means participating in the current conversation. It is in fact sometimes good to let the interruption happen. Put yourself into the on goingmoment and current conversation. The trick is to simply react to the other person’s statement, don’t keep waiting for your turn to speak.

Ask for help                                                                           

When you make a request or ask for help from your co-workers, people are usually willing to assist you in all possible ways.

Always make a request that is as easy as possible for people to say yes to. This can mean making interruptions in your own schedule and ask for 15 minutes of colleague’s time, and question them how they take the coffee with cream or sugar. That’s not difficult to say yes to and it shows your concern towards them.

Also, find plausible reason why you are making the request at all. Put efforts in researching and frame specific questions. This way, people will be happy to help guide and direct you. It is not attractive when someone is just looking for a shortcut to finish a work, and is expecting to use others time as a substitute.

When you share your workplace with your co-workers, you need to build a relation with them. this helps you to make a space for yourself at the shared workplace and creates a supportive community at work.

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