Reasons behind the growing trend of Virtual Offices

With changing trends and advancements in technology, nuances related to workplace have also undergone drastic changes.  Start ups look up to other newer option of virtual offices instead of traditional offices because they are more comfortable, friendly and a cost-effective.


Virtual offices are a great example of technological advancement. Thinking and telecommunication are crucial elements of this trend. Business owners operating from virtual offices held their meetings in high-end conference room, generally made available by the virtual office services provider. This helps to create a noteworthy image in front of prospective and existing clients. One Internet is one such provider of virtual office services along with availability of ideal meeting rooms and also co-working office space. Virtual office space solutions like those provided by One Internet, Servcorp Virtual Office, Regus India etc. can be seen as the gateway to modern day business. The trend seems to be promising one as it offers a number of benefits.

Good for the environment

Virtual offices let the employees work from wherever they are, thus saving them from travelling to a fixed office location. This cuts down the commuting time and hassles of travelling, thereby saving travel cost and fuel charges. Therefore it becomes environment friendly and economical too.

Increase in productivity                        

When time, energy and money is saved due to reduction in travelling, it can motivate the employees to produce better results with optimum resources utilisation.

Balance in work and life

Finding the right work-life balance is challenge in the modern day hectic schedule. People are forced to constantly shuffle their roles to put forth their best. Virtual offices allow the room for you to take some rest and find some time for yourself to strike the right balance between work life and life otherwise.

Reduce in absentism

The employees are free to work from their choice of place, therefore their chances of not feeling like to turn up at work go low. They are always able to find time to finish the work according to their suitability.

Office space

A Virtual office eliminates the drawbacks related to traditional workplace practices and develops a new kind of work culture. New start ups are coming up almost every day. Start ups do face budget constraints. Virtual Office Spaces can prove to be really cost saving.

Time management becomes easy

Since Virtual office employees have better flexibility at work, they are found to be more effective in meeting deadlines and fulfilling their responsibilities.

Cost cutting becomes easy

Maintaining an office space is associated with a lot of expenses like electricity, security etc. Virtual offices, on the other hand, save money to be spent on such miscellaneous expenses.

The increasing number of virtual office space providers in the capital is a sign that the trend is here to stay. Names like Vatika Business Center, Avanta, One Internet and The Executive Center are some of the most prominent ones in the list. Virtual offices are a boon, specially for the new generation of start ups.

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