Tips to enhance productivity in a coworking office space

In today’s modern age, there are rapid changes seen in ways of businesses are carried. Business owners are open to adopt new style of running their business. Today, more and more organisations are switching to new kind of office spaces called coworking spaces or open office spaces are example of such a change.


Another interesting name to this kind of workspace is “no walls” office environment. The goals behind this kind of office setup are to facilitate communication and teamwork. One of the more realistic reasons that companies prefer open offices is that it saves money as compared to cubicles.

Though there are a number of benefits of cowroking office spaces besides improving collaboration, it’s true that they also can become the cause of interruptions that can hamper productivity at work.

One Internet brings you few simple ideas that would help you to adjust in the external environment, and also would strengthen your own ability to concentrate.

Curb the noise                                                                     

You can use the easily available noise-cancelling headphones. They can be your most effective weapon to curb noise in an open office setup. Some of them are designed to cancel out approximately 90% background sound.  Even if they seem to be costly, but the one time investment and is worth it

Even if you do not find noise-cancelling headphones, try simply using your own smart phone with headphones to play music of your choice. It is advisable to listen to tracks that don’t have lyrics. Instead, sounds of rainfall, the ocean or flute are more effective to calm your mind and cut down distractions.

Learn to say Do Not Disturb

Conversations and other sounds are not the only issues that you have to face in an open or coworking office. There might be endless interruptions from people asking for your one minute to discuss things. It is one of the worst productivity killers. These meetings take more than just a minute, and even brief interruptions can impact on your ability to work adversely.

You can create an office culture where putting your headphones on could be a sign that the person does not want to disturbed at the moment. Or it is not a bad idea to create an actual “Do Not Disturb” signboard and displaying it on the work desk or back of the office chair.

Take frequent breaks

Apart from controlling the external environment, try to increase your ability to focus and up your concentration by re-wiring yourself from within. It might sound to be contradicting, but in order to avoid distractions, you should take more breaks. It turns up to be daunting and frustrating if you keep trying to stay focussed all the time. In fact, you should learn to master shorter work sprints.

The trick is to hop between productive times and breaks. Dedicate a certain time period with total focus to one task and then have a short break to drink water or a cup of coffee, you can have a conversation with a colleague.

According to scientific studies, average attention span has shrunk to 8 seconds today, all thanks to social media. In order to achieve your goals in an open office environment where focussed work can become a little challenging at times, you must handle matters on your own and make adjustments in your external as well as internal environment.

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