Elements of an Ideal Business Plan

A detailed business plan and executing it properly is the key to turning a business into real success. Make plans for your business for the far future, and not for short term. As an entrepreneur, don’t just look at the rosy and optimistic picture without spotting the problems to be faced. Also, prepare for the various unplanned costs that you might have to incur.

Keep in mind that a business plan is much more than a set of statistics. It should act as your guiding document. It becomes a process to understand and figure out what direction you are moving in and where exactly you have reached.


Here are some points to remember while writing your business plan:

Evaluating A Potential Co-founder

A business plan is also useful as it is while writing it the entrepreneur can articulate the business dreams in terms of reality. This is also helps to realise what all will go into building the business and fulfilling the dream.

Articulating the thoughts and putting them down on paper and then translating these thoughts into a figures and statements is a good exercise to start with. You should not rely on someone else to write a business plan for you. This might lead to inaccuracies and can develop a completely different perspective.

The Overall Environment For Your Business

Scan the environment your business will operate in, figure out each detail. Understand the reality behind each opportunity, study the competitive landscape, know the Government regulations and spot the key players in the business. It is like shooting in the dark if you are not well versed with your business environment, even if you are working on the best idea in the world.

Assumptions While Writing The Business Plan

It is important to write out the assumptions that you are making for the business plan for the first time. An appropriate articulation of the assumptions will help you and all your coworkers to understand your business plan better. It will prove to be a great help when the financial numbers are not matching the expectations

The Financial Status

An ideal business plan has detailed analysis of marketing, competition, people, technology, environment that will lead to a correctly estimated set of financials. You must understand is that the numbers, or financials, is actually the result of the business plan.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the visible result of the financials from your business plan. This gives a fail idea of how much money you will earn and how much you may lose. Funding is possibly the most difficult part of building a new company. Money is the backbone of any business. It is important to know where your money is being spent and how long it is likely to last. So that you can further be ready for when there is a need to raise more money from other sources.

A good guidance can help you in writing a business plan so that you can build a concrete business. Appropriate mentorship helps you choose the right path and face all the challenges. One Interent, besides providing coworking office space to start-ups in the capital, also offers mentorship to the member start-ups. One Internet strives to create a supportive environment at the coworking space for start-ups.

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