4 Ideas For Co-Work Space Providers To Build Useful Partnerships

Are you working on you coworking space’s marketing strategy? Working with a partner company could bring you a number of opportunities which you might miss otherwise.

The other business you partner with can let you connect with a wider audience and be more beneficial to your existing community. At the same time, you need to create a wider audience and be beneficial to your partner’s community. You can go for ideas like offering incentives such as free use of your event space, featuring their company’s name on your newsletter or blogs, or giving them some work space for free a=or at discounted rates.

In a partnership to work, both the parties need to actively participate for the relationship to work.

Finding a partner that fulfils all the requirements of your workspace and that aligns with your own values and goals is a challenging task. Here are some tips for your help:

Work Out Your Target Partner Profile

Ask the following questions from your potential partner companies so that you are able to develop a partner profile matching to your workspace and your brand.

  • Are the vision for your respective businesses same?
  • Do you want your company partners from a specific sector?
  • What behavioural values do you expect from your partner?
  • How important is their financial stability?
  • And what do you want them to offer to your workspace or your co-members?
  • What do you want/hope to gain out of the work relationship?

These questions will make the idea clearer about what type of company you should pitch. It’ll make it easier and faster for you to select.

Do Your Research

Once the ideal candidate profile is prepared, it is turn for some market research. Local partnerships are important for strengthening the community and driving local business, at the same time, international connections are also equally required to expand on your workspace goals.

You should also not forget to study the thoughts of your workspace members and the surrounding community. Find out answers to questions like “Who do they know?”, “ Who do they recommend?”, “Who do they like?”.

 Prepare Your Partner Benefits

A partnership is a two-way relation and you must have on a range of benefits to offer your partners. The offer has to appeal to them at the end. Some ideas that you can choose form are:

  • Use the event venue fro free
  • Using the newsletters for the promotion of the partner’s product or services
  • Using other digital assets for more promotional activities, such as social media posts or online articles with backlinks on the space’s blog
  • Curate panels and workshops on agendas that provide mutual beneficial

Make Contact

After choosing your desired partner company, start building a network of contacts.

An email is usually a good first action to start with, it should include all necessary information like your name, information on your workspace, how you got their contact details, what makes you a good match, and what do you have to offer.

Remember your partnerships can effectively increase the success of your workspace.  A partnership is not just a mutual benefit, it is more like a juggling act where you must learn to embrace new opportunities and evaluate the needs and ethos of your workspace.


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