How to plan successful workspace events

Events are an essential part of workspace community. They provide the perfect excuse to drah the members away from their desks and get them interact. It is also a great approach to demonstrate the added-value of membership at the co-working space.

Curating a successful workspace event for start ups, however, is not as easy as it sounds. It becomes even more complex if your workspace members have a varied range of interests, hobbies, and lines of business. Organizing a successful event is an attainable goal. All you need to do is to cover some bases first.

Here is some knowledge on what it requires to curate a successful workspace event, be it big or small.

When planning events for your workspace community, you need to take into account the kind of audience you have. It might seem to be an obvious statement, but people often end up wondering why the success and involvement is not as they expected it to be. It is mostly because they missed their mark somewhere along the way.”


`Before you set out to organize the events, it is ver important to find clear answers to the following questions:

What do your members want?

What do your members need?

What is something they would like to attend if money, time, or distance weren’t a factor?

What are your members’ various interests?

Once you have found answers to these questions, start planning the event around them. It is easier to guess such things if you are organising a small event. The real trick is required when it comes to bigger events.

You cannot and will not please everyone and you need not be guilty about it. Some events may attract some members, while some may not. Instead of focusing on organizing one perfect event, aim to organize a variety of events covering different fields of interests.

In order to cultivate a community with proper balance and to ensure maximum engagement, try to rotate the types of events you host. Some ideas are dressing for success, marathon training, legal advice, tax preparations, yoga and meditation sessions, to name a few.

The parameters to check the success of your events revolve around the value of the content, the level of engagement and response received, and the overall takeaway by the audience.

The important point to remember is that not every event is a party and not every luncheon is for business

Business is not all work and no play! Some great fun ideas include organizing happy hours and inviting the workspace community members as well as the local community. You can also encourage members to invite their friends and network; you never know when someone else’s best friend turns out to be a useful business connection for another person.

After you have settled on some events you’d want to curate. The next step is to spread the word and let people know about your upcoming event. Using technology is the best way to do it.

Technology if used well, can be a major form of marketing. For example, the current trend is to list all of the planned events on dedicated pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and monthly mailing also helps in sending regular reminders.

After the word is out, it is time for real action.

Remember that an event is a form of hospitality. You must be warm, welcoming, inviting, and greet your guests affectionately.

Make your attendees feel comfortable, this includes arranging proper seating, temperature, lighting, sound, and of course, refreshments.

In the end, remember it’s not about the grandeur and magnificence of the event, it’s about how you could add value to your co-working space and the community of your members.


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