3 Easy Steps to Enter Into Leadership

Leadership can be and is challenging in many ways, especially when you are just entered the industry with your start up or taking up a new position at your current workplace. ONE Co. Work brings you three ways to help you to execute great leadership and prevent overwhelmed feelings, frustration and anxiety about what your next move should be.

Read on to know what you need to do so you can reach the ‘Next Level’ within your career:

Pen Down Your Stuff!

Do not neglect to write down all the great things you have done or are actively involved in at present. It is a huge oversight when building your career to not make a record of your small and big doings.  Your boss will not remember the things you’ve done and it is not fair to expect it from them either. It is not their sole responsibility to help you build your career.

Do yourself this favour and start writing down the projects you have headed, the money you’ve brought in the company or how many accounts you have earned. This will help you to clearly articulate your value. If you expect to be recognised as a leader, you need to realise your worth yourself first. This will establish your impression to be someone of value within the organisation. Don’t just do your job like everyone else, as then there will be no reason to identify you as someone set apart from the norm.

Develop Behaviour of a Leader

If you want to be recognised as a leader, it is important that your behaviour reflects strong characteristics of leadership. Let people know they can come to you with problems and you can help them to find solutions for their problems.

Ensure them that you will take out time to understand their issue and help them solve it. If no one sees your problem solving nature, it becomes hard for them to think of you as being valuable to others. Leaders don’t back out and step up to take challenges, they prove to be resourceful and they are genuinely reliable.

Build Up Solid Relationships

Try to build healthy relationships with managers and leaders/influencers within your organisation. Put efforts to find out what they like, what problems they are facing and how you can help them. Don’t limit your relation with others to just coming to them with your hand out and expecting them to do you a favour. Instead, ask what you can do for them and resolve issues they are facing within their work environment.

This is not only helpful in terms of adding value to them, it is also beneficial to you because it will help you to explore more about the work environment. You will also understand what you may have to face if you were in the same position they are in. This will help you to prepare better.

Knowing even small things like what type of coffee they like, things they do during lunch time and their interests when outside of work can help. This will let you find a common ground and build on it. Try to know more about them who are in positions you desire to be in.


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