A friendship incubator, An innovation lab, A startup supportive community… One internet wears many masks to build a quintessential ecosystem of resources for startups. One Internet is a supportive and collaborative community of creative startups. It’s an enriching experience where startups come together to inspire, collaborate and create the next big thing. The distance from an idea to a successful startup cannot be covered in aloneness. Valuable companions such as mentors, networking events, great support staff and inspiring people work as a catalyst. The various services provided by One Internet are aligned with the vision of startups and thus help them move from an idea to a successful venture. Our services encapsulate a unique concoction of infrastructure, virtual presence, connection, inspirations and support.
An inspiring environment crafted for you to plug and play. Each and every need of a start-up from hunting a co-working space, to legal formalities to chasing funding is positively answered at One Internet. We enable startups to absorb our entrepreneurial knowledge and investment experience.
Our flexible plans are: INR499 for a day pass, INR 1,999/- for 4 days, INR 4,999/- for 10 days, INR 6,999/- for 16 days, INR 8,999/- for 30 days and INR 999/- for virtual office.