6 Things Every Start-up Can Learn from Arnab Goswami

#May6withArnab has been trending on Twitter in India since the night of May 5. As soon as the channel went live, this hashtag reached number one spot on Twitter.  Globally, it trended at number 4 spot. The numbers say: 130K mentions for republic TV related hashtags, 100 tweets per minute, 75,000 mentions globally for #MAY6withArnab alone received.

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5 Videos Every Start-up Founder Must Watch

ONE Co.Work lists the five must watch videos for start-up founder. Each of these videos will resonate with you, inspire you and fill you up with success!!

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Why Everyone Loves Co-working Spaces?

There is something extraordinary about co-working in Delhi. Numerous researches indicate that people thrive in co-working space. Wondering what makes membership based co-working so effective.

  1. Members who have subscribed for co-working spaces see their work as more meaningful. Co-working spaces in Delhi house differing gatherings of specialists, telecommuters, and other experts who cooperate in a mutual, common setting. Thus, there is no competition between them. They don’t feel they need to put on a work persona to fit in a co-working space.  In addition, there are multiple chances of collaboration.
  2. Members have more control in co-working space. Co-working spaces in Delhi are open 24/7. Individuals can choose whether to put in a difficult day when they have a due date or need to show advance, or can choose to take a long break amidst the day to go to the exercise center. They can pick whether they need to work in a tranquil space so they can center, or in a more community oriented space.
  3. Members are an integral part of the community. Networking, building connections and collaborating are a major motivation behind why individuals pay to work from a co-working space. Each collaborating space has its own vibe, and the administrators of each space put everything on the line to develop a one of a kind ordeal that addresses the issues of their members. Members enjoying choosing whom to collaborate with, whom to speak with etc.
  4. Co-working spaces in India provide copious facilities. These range from free Wi-Fi and coffee to weekly seminars with high-profile guest speakers and shared staff members, such as receptionists, fully fledged kitchen with microwave, fridge & essential crockeries. But the unstructured exchanges that take place at the coffee machine are the real amenities. The knowledge and experience of your peers and small, informal interactions around the printer can spark new ideas.
  5. Coworking in Gurgaon precedes over traditional office as well as work from home. It eliminates distractions from family members, temptations from the fridge and TV and you don’t have to put on a work persona to fit in. Most coworkers say they were drawn to the spaces for the same reasons that inspired Mr. Neuberg: they like working independently, but they are less effective when sitting home alone.
  6. Members say that co-working has made them more productive. Coworking in Gurgaon is much more popular than traditional offices as well as work from home. It kills all the distractions from family members, temptations from the fridge and TV and you don’t have to put on a work persona to fit in.
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7 Common Business Plan Mistakes

Dear Start-up Founder, we know it’s a bit lonely up there! Having a tough time juggling multiple things? Don’t give up yet! Remember giving detailed attention to every aspect is significant. Thus, when it comes to your business pan, keep in knowledge it’s your key to success. Thus, browse through these common mistakes and eliminate them from your business plan.

Not Drafting One: If you are wearing the hat of an entrepreneur minus a plan, you are bound to FAIL!!   If you are still hunting for reasons to arm yourself with a business plan, we are happy to state :  defining one will be the key to your success, it will test the feasibility of your idea, will aid you in securing bank loans and attracting investors, making business planning manageable and effective.

Not Having Precision on the Business Purpose: Wondering how metamorphosis from a vision to a successful business is going to take place. Your business plan will answer this. The business plan will also be your go to paper for everything varying from the amount of research to how the finished plan will look like.

Test the grounds of your plan by answering these questions: Is there a market for it? What’s the profit potential of this business? Is the market saturated?

What are the obstacles to my business plan?  Do I have what I need to see this through?

Not having a clear business model: Business plan is successful only when it spells profit. A good business plan defines the roadmap for generating revenue over and above your expenses.

Not getting your hands soaked in research: The effectiveness of your business plan stands directly proportionate to the amount of research you have done. Answer the pointers, Will this work? What are the current trends in this industry? How will this business counter what its competitors are doing?

Not looking into market realities: Market test your product prior to selling it. Also, know your competition. List all your competitors

Not preparing for financials: Put together these financial statements: the income statement, the cash flow projection and the balance sheet.

Figure out how much money you need to start and operate your business. Keep in knowledge, to be realistic about expenses and do not be overly optimistic about your new business’s prospects.

Not working on it continuously: As you climb the ladder from being a startup to the next phase, keep editing your business plan and add the necessary elements.




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How co-working space can enrich your work experience

Open office, smart office, innovation centre or coworking and flexible spaces, today a firm has a number of options when it comes to acquire a workplace that fulfils the requirements of their workforce.

Modern day’s businesses have a diverse workforce and that has contributed to build a different approach to the purpose of a workplace. A workplace needs to focus on aspects like employee engagement, worker wellness, sick days facilities and overall happiness for the employees to fit into present day demands. These factors in return affect factors like performance, as well as the employee turnover in an organisation.

The purpose of the workplace has now evolved.

This has led the hiring companies to rethink about the experience that their employees would have at the workplace.

The advancements in technology have enabled the workers to perform tasks and collaborate remotely, they can take work home with them on their smartphones or laptops and they remain reachable too.

The present workforce generation looks for a different way of working.

Workers Seek Collaboration

Today, a workplace needs to be suitable for collaboration. Workers today want to foster casual and real connections with their fellow colleagues. They want an engaging experience at the workplace.

Co-working spaces provide a lively hence engaging work environment to their members as there are already a variety of firms operating from there. All the member firms come from different business lines and make it a healthy workplace.

Changing Demands

Ways of working have changed. Now, workers prefer more of face to face meetings to crack deals or plan new strategies. This is the reason that companies have developed workplace strategies that lead to open and unassigned layouts to utilize all the spaces efficiently.

Coworking spaces or shared workplaces provide more meeting rooms for collaborative sessions. The meeting rooms are well equipped and well furnished to carry the meetings in the desired manner.

Co-working spaces help their members to manage the multitude of areas of their respective businesses.

Technological Advancements

Modern technology has the potential to make the workplace more intuitive for the employees. Companies today look forward to adopting tech like intuitive charging to enhance employee productivity. Technology enables a better employee and client experience.

Co-working spaces provide all kinds of technologically advanced equipment to ensure that all employees can share a positive experience at work. Rich experience allows the users to make the best out of their most valuable assets which is their employees.


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Some Amazingly Cool Tips For Entrepreneurs

Planning to become an entrepreneur? Congratulations on your decision and all the best for your journey ahead. ONE Co.Work brings some amazingly cool tips for upcoming entrepreneurs to help them with their entrepreneurial venture.


You must care about and have full knowledge about what you are selling.

Read books on sales and persuasion. They are useful and can help you.

Learn the 3 L’s of selling. Love your product. Like the client/ customer. Listen to them.

Find common grounds with your clients, make them feel that you understand them, feel them and connect to them and that is why you can find solutions to your problems. Find out solutions for their big and small problems. Be the problem with conceiving new idea or the budget, make sure you come up with some solution for it.

Get a high-level champion for your company. Make sure they understand the goal of your company and can communicate well to the clients and other stake holders.

Sales need to happen all the time, every moment. Always, think about the sales aspect before doing anything.

Earn From Your Business

Develop a problem-solving mindset and thrive to get new clients every day.

You work to earn, earning money is the reason you started working. So don’t fall into the trap of ‘Cash Later’ policy, instead follow the ‘Cash Now’ policy. Money is the lifeline of your business and earning good money only can ensure that your business continues to run well.

Do Not Get Angry

You will encounter many situations and reasons to get angry at you customers, partners, employees, landlords, buyers, shareholders and competitors.

But you cannot afford to get angry.

The truth is that anger is actually fear in disguise. So know what do you fear. It could be the client quitting, failure of a project etc. Then find a solution to curb your fear. Look at the worst case scenario possible. Then prepare accordingly.

Learn to Say Yes And Say No

Yes, you need to say yes to almost everything to get the maximum deals. But then you should when to say no or when to start saying no. remember that the client is always right and at the same time don’t let the client believe that you will agree to whatever they say. Have your say, but say correct things at the correct time.

Don’t Spend Too Much

Don’t spend too much money on everything you come across.

Make sure that you have a bigger bank balance at the end of the month, i.e. when bills are due than what you had at the beginning of the month

Spend wisely, know the difference between taking risks and taking calculated risks. Strike a balance between grabbing new things to make work easier and prevent over shopping at the same time.

Have Fun

Work hard but don’t forget to have a little fun too. A little fun at work could help you to rejuvenate your mind and come up with new ideas. Create fun moments while working so that your team stays energetic and positive. Have team building activities and employee engagement activities so that the team members look forward to work and perform better.


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Make the the best out of your coworking space

The trend to operate from a coworking space is taking a troll. It is the new way modern day companies choose to work. The concept of shared workplace seems to be quite inspired by today’s shared economy. Shared office spaces basically move on three tiers, which make the functioning smooth and fulfill the purpose of such workspaces. The three tiers which keep the coworking spaces moving are:

  • Physical Aspect which means the office space
  • Logistical Aspect which includes other physical resources, for e.g. furniture
  • Intellectual Aspect which indicates towards the whole community at the workplace with which an individual engages and shares knowledge to create value

Coworking is not limited to a physical configuration of an office space. There are many things to be looked after at a traditional office space, for e.g. office maintenance and huge costs involved in it, electric, telephone and other connections and a lot more. Whereas, at a coworking space, all you need would be your laptop. This way you get the maximum time and space you require to be more efficient and productive.

ONE Co.Work brings you ways to make the best out of your coworking space.


Discipline is not only about completing office shifts. In fact it is not about that at all. Yes, punctuality and regularity in office is important but the hours spent at work should be productive too. The workplace where you spend most of your time should carry a sense of productivity. Maintain the decorum of the place, behave the way you want the fellow co-members to behave there.

Utilize the space

There are a number of additional facilities provided by coworking spaces r their members access to a lot to that they would not have otherwise. For e.g. Meeting Rooms, Video Conferencing and reception/ secretarial services. Such facilities save you from spending huge amount on resources, and most importantly, your time. At coworking places, easy access to these services make work much easier for you.

Additionally, operating from coworking spaces also allows you to interact and build relations with many big players in the ecosystem and know more about the industry. Members can benefit from such facilities and opportunities which lets them save their time and resources, and add to their productivity.

Benefit from your Co-Workers

A coworking space lets you build a community where people could connect, collaborate and create something new and useful. Open up, mix up and build up healthy relations to all your coworkers. That means not only your team but also other co-members.

Be a part of the community

Coworking spaces organize high-value events for their members which contribute to build up a community for their members to thrive in.

Participate in the events, it will let you gain better access to the community your Coworking Space has to offer.

Add Personal touch to your space

Coworking spaces are much more than just temporary solution for your office needs. You can always add some personal touch to your space. Shared workspaces have a social environment, personalizing your worskspace will help you to disconnect from your surroundings, and focus solely on your work.

The best way to extract the most from a coworking space is to strike the right balance between being social and private. Try to look at your office as much more than just a desk or a workstation, make it yours.


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